Art Battle is a live competitive painting event held in almost every major city across Canada. Each event sees 12 artists competing against one other in hopes of winning the grand prize of the evening and the chance to compete the in National Championship. The artists have 20 minutes to paint whatever inspires them in the medium of acrylic and as they work, patrons move around the easels to watch their process.

At the end of each round the audience votes for their favourite painting and bids in a silent auction for the work they want to take home. All the proceeds of the evenings paintings are split between the artists competing and into growing Art Battle for future artists and patrons. With competitions held every month, this truly is something everyone needs to experience!

Opus was in high attendance for Art Battle 63, held at the Vancouver FanClub, with 4 Opus Staff members participating in the battle. After the competition, we sat down with Art Battle Vancouver Director, Bill Higginson to discuss the competition, the impact it has had on the arts community, and the importance of exposing the public to an artist’s process.

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Bill Higginson

Special Thanks to
The Vancouver FanClub

Produced by
Opus Art Supplies

Created by
Ryan Mund

Music by
Dan O’Connor
“Sunburst Dreams”
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

  • Featuring Bill Higginson
  • Produced by Opus Art Supplies
  • Created by Ryan Mund
  • Music by Dan O'Connor, "Sunburst Dreams"